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Hi All,

2005 Ford Focus 2.0 Duratec Petrol

Yesterday, suddenly, a very strange issue. Whenever I turn the key to the ignition on (level 2), my horn goes off in one continuous beeeeeeeeeep for approx. 4-5 seconds and then it turns off and the car is otherwise normal again. Checked the fuses, reset the ECU, tried a battery reset, so far nothing. I'm using the one main key fob I have, and I'm pretty sure the ant-theft is disabled. Can start the car just fine, except for the horn issue. Had my mechanic pull codes, nothing related.

Tonight, I pulled the horn fuse cuz I didn't want to annoy my neighbors everytime I start my car, and this happened:

Traction Control Fault, ABS Light, and Traction Control light all at once? Is this also an electrical issue? Is this related to my horn issue? Any insight would be of great help!!! Thank you so much!!
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