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On my Focus Mk1, there's been an annoying problem for longer than I can remember. I assumed it was a fault with the wiper blades I had on, but I replaced them recently and it's still happening.

Unlike the known Relay Fuse issue that completely prevents the wipers from 'parking', my issue is that when the wiper blades 'park', the wiper arms jump up with a small CLUNK sound.
They end up sitting 1/2-1 inch higher up than they should. Then the intermittent wiper does a full wipe and it returns to the park position, where it jumps again.

This only affects intermittent mode and on the one tap (mist) wipe, the wipers dock correctly.

My thoughts are that the linkage has some issue or the motor is having issues. I could be wrong but I don't think it's a Relay fuse issue that others have reported, as the wipers do return home... kind of.

Has anyone hear or seen this issue? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
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