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Mk1 Coolant Leak

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Good Afternoon.

I'm after some guidance. I have a 2003 mk1 Ford Focus and all of a sudden its started leaking coolant. I can't see where the immediate leak is coming from and if it would be an easy fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Coolant overflow tank and thermostat housing crack with age as they are plastic. The plastic bypass hose on top of the radiator support is another problem spot. The overflow tank cracks on the bottom. The thermostat housing usually fails from a bad valve cover gasket. The oil leaks down onto the housing causing the o ring to swell and break the tiny lip. The bypass tube has a end cap shittily attached and it will leak out the bottom of the tube run down the upper radiator hose and then onto the engine. Another possibility is the water pump failing. There is a drain hole on the bottom to drain water when the seal blows. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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