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Hello to all, this is my first post, and hopefully someone can help.

I have an ageing Mk1 1.8 Zetec focus, was purchased as a workhorse, short term stop gap, but it's grown on me so much, that i have decided to treat it to some loving and updates.

Now before i go throwing money at it, I have a niggling fault.

The idle is not great, and on light throttle, say 4th/5th gear at 40mph, it hesitates, and holds back, not always, but it's definitely there.
Now the car has LPG conversion, and on that, it runs fine, no problems. It's been serviced regularly, had new plugs, leads, coils etc.

But this idle and hesitation problem is bugging me, and i would really like to get to the bottom of it. There are no error codes coming up, garage has looked and done the usual, but no one can seem to get to the bottom of it. At any other speed, it's fine. Just wondering if anyone has come across a problem like this and found a cure.
Happy to spend some money to fix it, just want some pointers of where best to start.

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Welcome to FF!

Moved this to our General Tech Chat section for the most looks, a lot of responses will be general because a majority of members are in North America where your particular engine wasn't sold.

EGR system & particularly the DPFE sensor for that is one area you'll get some comments on, have any "codes" been noted along the way?
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