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I know very little about cars and am hopefully going to get the answer I am looking for here, it's likely a very straight forward one.
I have a Focus Zetec s 2.0 TDI - 63 plate
Last year I got my garage to change my headlights whilst the car was in for a service, I purchased these
H7 Philips White Vision Ultra 12V 55W Halogen Bulbs

I have looked at my handbook and it states the bulbs are H7 55w but it also states this within the handbook
"CHANGING A BULB WARNINGS Switch the lights and the ignition off. Let the bulb cool down before removing it. Have Xenon bulbs changed by a properly trained technician. There is a risk of electric shock"

Can Xenon bulbs be fitted instead of Halogen ones ?
My current bulbs are pretty crap, they are not very bright and seem to not illumate all of the road and look like a spot light, i have a video and will try to upload, I might have to get them checked or just buy new ones, which is part of the question Xenon or Halogen for my model ?
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