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I have a 2011 ford focus se 68k miles which I just changed
Coil packs (ULTRAPOWER FD505)
Plugs ( autolites 103)
air filter (FRAM CF9118A)

Now after changing all of these I have a misfire on #2 and #4.
All plugs are gapped right.
I've looked over the wires and all coil packs and double checked everything still misfires.

Is it possible that these plugs are better and now I have a carbon build up?

Tomorrow I am going to swap stuff from #1 to #2 and see what happens.
I understand that for the wires you have to solder the wires in,is it possible to get the harness with all the plugs?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Plugs are a good one for these when gapped right, not a brand we've seen problems with.

Swap coils for sure to see if the problem moves, make sure the connectors inside look like they'll contact the plugs correctly (seen problems from coil "boots" with poor connections).

Harness to include the coil connections is quite large, easier to repair a small problem than replace it.

Wish you still had the old coils, that would be a good quick check.
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