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Let me start with kudos to JD Ellis my NASA HPDE 3 instructor, barely able to shave but, his playpen is still shrinkwrapped in the bleachers at at the carrousel,musta grown up at the track. J/k...,a compliment to his knowledge and age.
It's an excellent course, very diverse. The cars and drivers that showed were equally as diversed.
My car is not a slow car making 300+at the wheels and I did my share of dusting more than a few porsches, vettes, &350 Z's , but even in hpde 3 there were cars blowing by me on the back stretch. and in HPDE4/TT I watched Tom's new white car,which was not his drag car,but was made for this event, just BLISTER past MOST of the competition in his class. For SURE NONE of the other FOCUS competetors would have stood a chance, even with their "ringer" drivers, his #712 {I think} was just unbelieveably %##$%ing fast. was spinning it's wheels coming out of the keyhole down the back stretch in 4th.... I can see why the BIG NAME guys who bad wrap Tom didn't show cause now they can still make excuses and say theirs is faster and better cause they surely would have been soundly SPANKED and THRASHED by Tom's white machine...Even his Black SVT #?29 which was driven by "BAD IDEA" would have kicked their ass...before an unfortunate flange gasket issue limited boost.

My ONLY regret is that there wasn't a session with ONLY Focuses,head to head fastest car and drivers win , no classes, no handicaps, NO $&#@ing EXCUSES...That's what a SHOOTOUT is. and That's why I went to run against you who like to think of me as a tooool....[:eek:)]
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