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MIA... FP meets

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Sorry guys, I've been MIA for the past month or so now I think, they got me working mad overtime at work and I'm beat. I'm gonna start thinking up some FP meets for the NE,Central, Southern PA guys I just havent really had time to do anything, so I figure'd I'd throw this out for everyone. Since everyone has something interested in what they are doing, I thought maybe we can get some unique ideas together for a meet. One of mine which is about a month and a half away is a FP Haunted House G2G. Field of Screams, Eastern State Penn, something like that? I think Hershey park has something too.

Any feedback is encouraged.
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What about one of them mazequest meets, IDK it just seems kind of a new idea [dunno]
Theres a maizemaze right by my house.
I'll get the name of it tomorow. Never pasid it much attention.

How about a Autox g2g?[driving]
that could work, I've always wanted to do it [deviltail]
I've never even heard of one...

someone care to explain
Because I don't feel like typing it out:

What is an Autocross event?

Autocross/Solo II events are low to medium speed auto racing events; they are often run on parking lots and airport runways, although street events and events at Go Kart tracks sometimes take place. Generally a course will be defined using traffic cones. One driver at a time negotiates a course laid out with the cones, or pylons, testing their skill against the clock. Time penalties are charged for disturbing cones. In most regions, the penalty is 2 seconds per cone, although in some places it may be 1 second.
There is an upper speed guideline for Solo II which is intended to keep speeds in a domain that most drivers might have encountered on the streets and highways; the fastest cars at a Solo II should not get much over 70mph.

Generally, each driver takes three or four runs at an event. A driver is awarded the best time of all runs taken.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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