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MIA... FP meets

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Sorry guys, I've been MIA for the past month or so now I think, they got me working mad overtime at work and I'm beat. I'm gonna start thinking up some FP meets for the NE,Central, Southern PA guys I just havent really had time to do anything, so I figure'd I'd throw this out for everyone. Since everyone has something interested in what they are doing, I thought maybe we can get some unique ideas together for a meet. One of mine which is about a month and a half away is a FP Haunted House G2G. Field of Screams, Eastern State Penn, something like that? I think Hershey park has something too.

Any feedback is encouraged.
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Theres a maizemaze right by my house.
I'll get the name of it tomorow. Never pasid it much attention.

How about a Autox g2g?[driving]
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