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I'd imagine that your 94 Ford does use metric, however Ford is fairly good about using sizes that transfer to SAE. What would be the difference would be in the thread pitch since no metric thread pitch corresponds to an SAE. You can get 1.5 mm to go partially on to a 16 tpi, but not more than a couple of threads before you start crossing.

Anyone who's ever owned an old VW Beetle knows what will transfer and what won't- Porsche put a lot of thought into it apparently.

7= 9/32 Ford does use this size on some screws
8 = 5/16
11= 7/16
13= 1/2 SAE size is slightly tighter, good for nearly rounded bolt heads
16= 5/8
19= 3/4 I have no idea why my 4 way has both these on it
21= 13/16
23= 15/16
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