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Hi all. Hoping you can help. Let me explain the issue. Ford focus st 2.5 2007 model. Went over a bump hit it hard and cracked open the oil sump basin. Replaced sump and to find out I had a bent right shock. Bent it back 1cm and did alignment. Drove 2km from garage and right suspension broke down with a loud grinding noise. Stopped straight away and every time I start the car the loud grinding noise kicks in.
Replaced shocks as the current one was bent.
Guessing when I bumped the sump it pushed back and bent shock. Then on doing the alignment it put tension on the control arm cv and joints.
Trying to locate what that metal on metal lound sound is when I start up by the right hand suspension any ideas your feedback could save me some cash.
Don't have the sound but here are some images when it happened.
I look forward to your feedback
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