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As a group of dedicated fanatics from all different years and styles, we of course want anyone and everyone to be One Of Us!

We of course have our requirements to enter. We want to make sure that our prospective members are actively seeking the positive advancement of the TakeOver! [headbang]


1) Must be a member of Focus Fanatics for 3+ months and been active during that time.

2) Minimum total post count of 150.

3) Pick your member number.

That's it! Then you're in!

To make an official request, drop a post down below and/or shoot me a PM.

To keep up to date with all your subscribed threads, including any threads in the Focus TakeOver subforum, I highly recommend downloading the Tapatalk app to your smartphone, tablet, or other device. It will give you updates on all subscribed threads!

Above all, I request that you stop over in the thread Don't Let the Boredom TakeOver first. Say hi, get to know the group, and eventually become One Of Us!!![burnout][race]

Update: TakeOver pic hunt no longer required, but we encourage any willing members to participate! :)

Update on the update: minimum active time on Focus Fanatics changed to 3 months.
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