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Hey I just joined,
2013 SE 5dr HB race red Burlington NC
Do we have a decal that I can put on the car?

later Scully

Country Static
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Welcome! I head to Charlotte quite a bit for a lot of different meets. Maybe I'll see ya down there at a few.

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With the upcoming meets we're trying to organize, I thought about sending some PM's to the people who haven't been on in a while. Then I realized that we don't really have a list of who all are members in the KY/NC/SC area. Could we maybe have a sticky with a list of all the members in case we want to contact people for upcoming events? Chime in with your opinions.

Edit: OK, well it seems like everybody agrees so I'll start it here:

North Carolina areas:
Tangerine Dream / Brent - Charlotte
SLVRbulletSVT03 / Clif - Gastonia
BlueFocusSVT04 / Brandon - Bessemer City
superfocuszx5 / Jay - Charlotte
xFordx / Fernando - Concord
jarchie / John - Charlotte
drkbfoci / Josh - Shelby
svtfocus83/ Nick - Statesville
SPIman2.0 / Daniel - Mooresville

jmkreege / Justin - Raleigh/Winston-Salem
mbx5brian / Brian - Winston-Salem
FocusStrider / Detoine - Greensboro
OneBlackSVT03 / Jesse - Greensboro
SVT_Turbo / Brandon - Thomasville
Ghost.One / Dan - High Point
1360 / A.D. - Thomasville
98LowRanger / Mark - Kernersville

SonicblueZX3 / Steven - Cary
NintendoSkater / Jemel - Raleigh
midknightrcr / Rob - Apex

The Mountains
pliznyk / Damion - Asheville
XxXREDZX4 / Andy - Lenoir
maggot515 / Vance - Asheville

The Coast
mydartswinger / Shannon - Fort Bragg
GrndZero / Bret - Fayetteville
slowfo / Mo - Fort Bragg
EnixIV / Rob - Jacksonville
blkZX32005 / Israel - Jacksonville
TargetRabbit / Lawrence - Jacksonville
Bellicose / Jonas - Fort Bragg

South Carolina areas:
SVTF200487 / Mike - Lancaster

Silonius / Seth - Clemson
wrc_fan / Bill - Greenville
sonicblue02 / Stephen - Spartanburg

klOkwUrk / Chad - Greenwood
tinyku / Eric - Columbia
cruzstyle / Freddie - Columbia

Kentucky areas:

dootdodoodledodo / Ian - Louisville
add me to the list! [headbang]

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Have I never posted in here[scratch]

Fayetteville, NC
2012 Titanium HB

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Really looking forward to getting together with other focus guys there isn't too much as far as car meets or anything in my area even though there are lots of nice cars everywhere, i would love to start up a meet or something. looks like i'm the first listed in the charleston area.

add me to the list.

Charleston, SC

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I'm practically a few miles from the SC border right now so I'm posting in here (cause the other parts of the SE section is dead) but I'll be in the Fayetteville, NC area at the end of the year. Not a Focus owner but close enough[hihi]

'11 Ford Fiesta SES

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Looks like i'm the first guy in the Charleston area. hope more of you come out of the woodwork, i'd like to get some car meets going in Charleston.

Add me to the list!

Charleston, SC
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