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well those of you who know me know my Roush Focus. as some of you know i recently bought another focus off a close personal friend of mine who just moved to Houston. so basically im just going to post of few pics of the car when i bought it and what its going through now... he he he


Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber Fenders
Carbon Fiber Fuel Door
S2 Wing
Aftermarker Taillights
16" Konig Fury Rims
M3 Mirrors
Focus Central Headers 4-2-1 Heat Wrapped
Custom Cold Air Intake
Focus Central 65MM Throttle Body
VF Engine Mounts (complete set)
Focus Central UDP
Cam gears
Stage 1 crane Cams
HKS Exhaust 2.5
Traction Bars
MSD DIS 2 Ignition System
KYB Adjustables
Eibach Springs
FocusSport Rear Stress Bar
Focus Central Strut bar
Screamin Demon Coil pack
Live Wires
100 Wet Shot Nitrous
MSD Window Switch
Sparco Stearing Wheel
Boston Acoustic Components

Engine (Dual Throttle Intake Blew Up Again)


Engine as it sits now

Fuel Door


Traction Bars


Now Stripping The Interior


· Random Guy #31
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in the last pics did you see the sound damper and the hammer next to it? thats why... need to strip out the extra weight also needed something to do.... i was bored
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