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Hey Fellow Fanatics! A small group of us will be meeting this coming Saturday for some food, and a nice drive. I wanted to extend an invitation to each of you.

Meetup Location:

Livermore Arcade Shopping Center
1472 First Street
Livermore, CA 94550


9:00am - Meet, Breakfast/Coffee
9:30am - Begin Drive
12:30pm - Destination reached/Lunch
As some members have other obligations, we will be keeping to this timeline as much as possible


We will be driving down hwy 130. This is a very scenic route that travels through beautiful canyons, farmland, over a mountain, then deposits us in San Jose.

The route is roughly 70 miles with no stops for gas/food/water/restroom. Please plan accordingly (full tank, water bottles, etc)


No revving/burnouts at the meetup location.
Be respectful of other members in attendance.
Drive safe and respect other people on the road.

LilDee - FiestaST (confirmed)
ViperThreat - Subaru WRX (confirmed)
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