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I didn't want to fill this forum with another irrevelant thread, but then I remembered the infamous "svt" thread and I said, what the hell.

Anyways, a little while ago, a very helpful member on this site took the time and pulled my Oasis report (thank you B16). At the time I was more concerned about looking at the warranty repairs that had been comducted on my little precious, which I am glad to report have been very minor (loose seat bracket, malfunctioning heated seat, horn, and a stiff brake pedal). Not bad IMO. Well, upon further review, I also saw that it lists my baby's born on date. 03/03/03. And as luck would have it, does anyone want to guess what my favorite number is???? [:D] So I have to conclude that this cannot be the work of random chance, for neither was that the beginning of the universe (I'm willing to bet a lot of people would differ with me on this). Me and my SVT were meant to be.

Anyone else feel this way???

P.s. The interior has blue inserts, my favorite color [:)]
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