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Hey all I have a complete kit from Massive, it came with new svt rotors and pads, but has perfectly good take off calipers.
I installed it last spring and did a few autocrosses with it, and then we decided to convert the car into a stage rally car. We did a partial rally with the rear massive brakes, dnf due to a broken strut shaft, and then pulled them from the car. I would guess between 1000-1500 miles total on the kit, I have multiple car, so the focus doesn't get out much.

The bad, the passenger bracket is tweaked, from the rally. I can flatten it in my shop press, and you will probably never have an issue. I can leave it tweaked so you can see it, then fix it yourself. Or call massive and order a replacement. Either way, you are getting these for half the price I paid. We didn't even notice the tweak until I pulled wheels a few weeks later. Currently I'am running a rear setup from a 2005 ST, they are a bit smaller and leave more room around the wheel barrel.

Asking $250 plus split shipping, or you can pick them up in the Seattle area.

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