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Mass Air Flow Sensor

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Just had my Check Engine Light diagnosed. the code that popped up was
P0113 Mass Air Flow Sensor. Undid the negative battery cable first. I took out the sensor to clean with Mass Air Flow cleaner and put it back in. Reattached the negative battery cable and drove it for about twenty minutes to reset the computer. Got home and the check engine light came back on. Diagnosed it again, same code. Went to the local Ford dealer to order one. I couldn't believe it cost me almost $200.00 for a new sensor and housing. Aftermarket sensors were around $100.00 but are remanufactured. Rather pay the money for a new one with a better warranty.
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Let us know if it works.

From the DTC list in the stickies up top, that code is for the IAT (intake Air Temp) sensor.

Typical list of possibilities from bad sensor to a short in the harness are included.
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