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Hay all, i found this form and i'm hoping to pool some resorses and see if we can figure some of this stuff out.

I'm serving in the US Army over here in Europe and just recived my US spec 2012 5-door. Loving it so far but i'd love to have all the stuff all you guys in the states have in your Myford Touch. GPS map data being the biggest thing. I emailed Ford and asked about getting them. They refered me to TeleNav. This is what i've found.

From what i can tell this issue is being worked and might just be passed back and forth from the Ford people to the Telenav peeps.
I know for the 2012 model year all the Focuses around the world are the same. If the US cars have the MyFord Touch and all the bells and whistels with the apps and stuff then why wouldn't us in Europe get to have the same cool stuff and at the very least the GPS map data!

Something else i'm wondering is if we'll get the new up date that's coming out in early 2012, or if we'll be out in the wind.
Here's the press about that one.

If anyone hears of anything and if i find anything out i'll post it here.
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