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Ford newbie here, as will become apparent below.

Bought the Focus MK2 2006 in the Winter and with Spring's (read Winter 2.0's) arrival, I thought I'd start getting some work done.

The battery died due to it being some rubbish make, so fitted a Bosch S5 (was shocked at the size of the battery for the Duratec).

Anyhow the Sony 600 needed the code putting in and it wouldn't show the SN on the display, so I had to remove the unit to get the SN.

It was a long arduous battle to get the unit out because I got the removal keys stuck due to putting them in the wrong way... what a pain.

In the end I just wiggled, then used a screw driver in the key ring and yanked as hard as I could. That cowboy-ish style seemed to work.

However, before that I thought I'd try removing the centre console facia, got the bottom loose but quickly realised the top section had more than clips holding it in.

Unfortunately, I damaged some of the small black tabs on the heater control unit when clipping the facia back in.

So I'm wondering if just the front panel of the control unit is available, either from Ford or elsewhere, so I can replace that, rather than the whole unit?

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