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Manifold heat shield

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I have a mk1 1.6 ztec and the heat shield above the manifold has rusted out can I remove it completely without causing damage to the other parts and above the manifold from the heat and is it a mot fail
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This site is mostly North American based, we never saw the 1.6 here. If the shield is just separatong from the studs, if you can add wider washers in there, that can help hold down the shield. No clue what MOT covers but i dont know if they would be looking for a heat shield in a specific place or not (id guess no but no idea.)

I ran an aftermarket header that was ceramic coated for years without the heat shield in place. Then when i returned the car to stock i did not reinstall the heat shield again with the stock manifold. I ran it for several months that way and did not notice any issues related to the heat. Im not sure the orientation of your motor is or what else is near the exhaust that would be subjected to the heat. So you would need to ensure nothing is going to melt/burn/catch fire if you do remove the shield or cover/shield those items
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