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ok i am getting a idea on what im going to be buying for the focus. getting it ready for ff12 cause i couldn't make it to ff11. so here we go....

header click here to see it

muffler i already have one i want to use. and other than that i do't know what to look for on exhaust.

already have a cold air intake that i like.

wheels and tires, tires are going to be a 195/50/15 on these wheels here.
I know i have gotten a lot of crap of wanting to put them on my focus and that they are the "honda wheels". but i like them and you don't see them on a focus and that's what makes me want them even more.

the grill is already the one with clear turns.
head lights click here

tail lights click here

hood click here

click here

and if i decide to go with a body kit it might be this one. click here

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I love that body kit. One of the rare ones that's not over the top with vents and holes everywhere. Your plan sound good, can't wait to see your progress.
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