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2013 Ford Focus SE Sedan
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Been lurking the forum for a couple years now. Great information and in some cases the only place to find information for the amazing MK3.

I have the 2013 SE Sedan 5spd Manual. Bought her new in 08/13 and have had a love-hate relationship with her ever since. Sold my old 97 Wrangler (sad day) because financially it made sense and I got an offer I couldn't refuse. I have already done some work beyond routine maintenance, mostly cosmetic. My ultimate goal is to transform her into an ST Sedan some day. I'm a dreamer, I know. Also, please do not give me the "just buy an ST" line, I have driven all but 85 of the 97K miles and have taken great care of her to get behind the wheel of a used ST that I have no clue how it was treated or maintained, haha!

Spending Independence Day weekend installing a LUK RepSet clutch, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm looking at the Cobb RMM (dont mind NVH if it'll help stop the damn wheel hop, dont think the ERMM will be stiff enough).

Other than the clutch wearing out, I've had to spend very little on this car, only routine maintenance, except for what I broke with my stupidity (radiator and AC Condenser). She has been through a lot with me and has held up better than anything I have ever owned besides my Wrangler.
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