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Tired of the chrome lug nut caps coming off every tire change. I can't seem to find any that will replace the stock 16" lug nut style. The total height of the stock lug nut is 1.1 inches. All I can find in the solid chrome are 1.4 inches tall and they stick out too far on the OEM wheels.

Attached are photos. I need the the style of the first photo.
The second photo displays three lug styles. The two end lugs are the style cap (top) that resembles the stock ones. The center one is not what I am looking for. All that I can find online is the center lug nut style that has a smaller cap and is too long --- 1.4".

Any one have a part number for what I am looking for. The dealer only has the crappy two piece OEM lugs and he was surprised that I told him the caps come off. Both the local parts stores only have the fluted style that require a special wrench and besides, they are 1.4" tall also.

It just doesn't look right for the lugs to stick out so far on the stock rims.



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