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I know this should probably be in Susp/wheels, but no one replied down there.
Anyhow I want to lower my new SVT a bit.
Ive read that it is 3/4" lower than zx3, has anyone veified this? I might go to a shopping mall and lookfor a zx3 and measure from the centre(canadian spelling) of the wheel to the fender lip to check the diff.
I can get a really good deal on FK stuff through my freind but I was just going to get 35/40mm springs to bring it down just a bit. To much wheel gap in the back.

Will the SVT struts be ok with uprated(probably not much stiffer) springs.

The FK kit in my freinds Golf II has a realy nice ride, These are the same springs but with out the matched dampers.

Any input or advice is appreciated.
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