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if you are going to lower the car get the whole kit not just the springs...if you just get springs then you will eventually blow out your shocks and struts so get shocks and struts too.

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First off...[welcome]

Second off...
I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum area. (Wheels, Tires, Brakes & Suspension)

Third off...
focus_kid_89 has some good advice in getting a matched "system".
It doesn't make sense to have to pull the entire suspension apart to install just springs,
yet the following year have to do it again to replace the dampers (struts/shocks).

I encourage you to search through this forum area for other 2008 owners to see what they've done.
I'm not entirely familiar with all the suspension changes that were made for your year of car.

Here's a recent thread to check out:
And, another one:
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