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2007 SE Sedan: Purchased used - all OEM as far as I know
Been looking for the cause of no low beams, oddly enough the high beams and parking lights function properly. I have already tried the following with no success:
1. Checked the fuses.
(As a side note, I purchased a Hayes auto manual for the Focus 2000-07 for the electrical diagrams in the back. I have found that there must have been a few electrical changes between those year models. In short its less than accurate for this year model.)
2. Checked the headlamps for bad elements.(used an ohm meter)
3. Swapped low beam & high beam relays with a 2006 ZX3, no change in problem.
4. Swapped main light switch with the 2006 still not a fix.
While trying to verify that owners manual was correct, as far as fuse and relay locations the following differences were noticed between the 06 and the 07:
1. If the low or high beam relays were removed from the 06 the corresponding headlight elements failed.
2. If the low and high beam relays were removed from the 07 the high beams would still work.(best case the 07 relay locations do not mirror those of the 06, worst case the 07 has had wiring modifications)

Thanks for any assistance...
Hoping for an accurate wiring diagram for the 07 SE model (no fog lights)

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My parents Mazda3 and a fellow member's 2008 Focus on here had the same problem. It turned out to be the low beams had both burned out at the same time. It may have been a power surge through the system or something but after we replaced the bulbs, everything worked fine and we have had no problems since.

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The wiring diagrams I have says a change was made to the lighting circuit in 2006 - I have diagrams for "early production 2006" and "late production 2006". Sorry, no 2007 but I suspect late 2006 doesn't differ that much. And, yes, Haynes wiring diagrams are pretty useless for anything but basic troubleshooting.
Since you've checked fuses, relays, and main lighting switch, there are only two remaining possibilities: a wiring fault in both low beam circuits at one time (unlikely) or your steering column multi-function switch is not working correctly.
Try flicking hi/lo beam rapidly to unstick a sticky switch or resolve a poor electrical contact or, if that fails, try swapping the whole multifunction switch out to test. It comes out easily once you remove the upper steering wheel cover aand pops out once a plastic tab is depressed with a screw driver and the wiring electrical connector is undone, IIRC.
pm me if you want a pdf copy of the late 2006 wiring diagram; it's too large to post.
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