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Probably a shot in the dark, but has anyone raised the motor in these? I just bought my first focus, 04 zx5. I want to slam it, but I’m noticing the oil pan sits fairly low and I’ve had some rough experiences with oil pans. It seems simple, but is there anything I should know before doing it?
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Yes. Raise the engine, trans MUST do the same and then you pull the axles out of the normal working arc they are made to run in, killing the CV joints very quick. It happens even faster without new axles as the old ones wear grooves in their normal arcs and the grooves misplace to interfere with normal straight ahead driving like the axles are dead. Which they will be in short order as you are forcing a new operating arc to wear into the old one on its' edge and those parts are superhardened to start chipping pieces off pretty quick.

Raising the swinging mounts is easy but plan on dogbone issues as you will be modding the arc of the way it works too and it will tend to bind more with a raise.
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