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Not to recently ago, i sold my air suspension to replace it with a standard shock/spring kit. I decided to go with the H&R Cup kit. I was going to buy it new, but a member on here (svt2004) gave me a great deal on his used kit.

So a couple weeks ago, i get the suspension installed and man... it is AMAZING. Handles like it had 10 in wide tires. its GREAT, except now i find this out....

The left rear wheel gap is about an inch higher than the right rear gap. The left front gap is about 1/2 lower than the right front gap. So its almost like it balances itself out in a way, excpet when you look at, you can DEFINITLY tell the difference, although you dont feel lopsided while driving.

I brought it to a place and they said that either the lower side's shock or spring was warped causing it to "sink down" lower than it should. The seller said it was only on for less than a year, but i suppose with harsh driving conditions it is possible.

Please can anyone give me some info as to what might be wrong? ANYTHING will help, cuz this is killing me ....

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