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I know there was a thread a couple months back where a member was looking for others in the Scranton/ Wilkes-barre area of Pa.

Well, those of you up there should keep an eye out for me in the next couple months. Lorna and I are 99% positive we have chosen our wedding venue for spring '10 and it will be the Inne of the Abbingtons which is in the mountains just north of Scranton. Although we have a good year until the date, we'll probably be making some trips up there with our respective parents to show them our choice.

And yes, we know its like a 2 hour drive from here in Harrisburg, but its almost smack dab between my parents in NY and Lorna's parents in Allentown. Plus the scenery and the prices COULD NOT be beat.

BTW, there is a great little State Park just down the street from the Inne.... maybe G2G material for spring '09?

-Slip [^]
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