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Local Tire Hook-Ups?

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#$%^ Winter is right around the corner...
And neither of my SVT rims have all season tires on them[bash]
Anyone have a hook up in the Chicago-land (or close by) area at a tire shop or a dealership?
Or for that matter have a used set sitting around looking to sell (at least two for the front)?

I'm sure others are starting to think about tires too - Please post up if you can help!

[drinking] Thanks - Tim
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Are you looking for snows or all season? Used or new? I went with snows last year, and let me tell you, I would not go through another winter again without them. Maybe I'm just getting old. LOL Anyway, a good friend of mine owns a shop. I can keep a eye out for some used 205/50's if you want. Those seem to be pretty common this time of year.
Lets hope that we don't get as much as last year. I have to stop up at my friends shop today, I'll look for some good used ones. He would rather give them away then pay to have someone haul them away. I'll let you know.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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