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Limits of FRPP shocks and struts: spring suggestion?

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Hey all,

My car is already lowered with the 1.5" FRPP springs and shock combo for 06+ (part # has zx3B in it or something like that). My problem is that with my 16x7 40mm offset rotas and 205/50/r16 tires theres still too much gap!

Id like to do coils, but that wont be in the budget for a long time...

What is a great spring to use with the FRPP shocks? They already seem a little soft for my tastes. Can I do a 2" drop? What spring rates should I look for? (06+ springs only please!)

Pic related: its the problem

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Can you post pics, so we can see the whole car ??


I thought FRPP would drop more than that...
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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