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I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who was curious about it. I Managed to lift my Focus Roughly 4 inches utilizing Ford Escape suspension. This is going to be a long winded write up but here it goes.

TLDR, Ford Escape suspension does bolt on relatively easily, and cheaply if purchasing used parts. Alignment isn’t terrible, roughly 4 inches of lift.

Well here is the in depth write up i promised i would post today for those who are interested. Its a lot so make sure to grab a drink before starting lol.

Disclaimer: I do not know how durable this build will hold up, i may end up running into issues if you decide to follow my lead do so understanding you will likely be running into complications. For any who wish to do serious off road or Rallying with the focus I highly recommend that they purchase the kit manufactured by Rebel Devil as its much higher quality, better bushings and more durable. It has also Been Purpose Built and Tested and he spent much time ensuring that it will hold up long term.

2013 Ford Focus SE to Ford Escape partial Suspension swap.
I started off with this build wanted to lift my car a few inches as i often found myself off the beaten path and needing extra clearance. I did not want to purchase a truck as i can haul everything i need with my Focus and trailer attached.
I had scoured all the Focus Forums and Groups and several people had made mention that the MK3 Focus and Escape share the same C platform Unibody, there fore having very SIMILAR but not identical Suspension designs. Multiple people have talked about how it should be possible to install the suspension from an escape but none had attempted and documented results so I decided to be the guinea pig and find out.

I purchased used Front Strut Assemblies (low Mileage) from a 2013 Ford Escape, as well as rear springs and some Shock's for the rear. I also Purchased the God Speed Rear Camber and Toe Arm Adjusters (Red Parts in pictures).
The total cost for used suspension including the new rear shocks and Adjustable rear arms ran me right around 500.00 dollars total.

I spent the Previous three days Installing the components, Aligning and test driving.
The front Strut Assemblies went in flawlessly, The sway bar end link Tabs attached to the Strut Tube were located very closely to the Focus location although just a bit higher.

The rear was a bit more involved seeing as i was installing the Camber and Toe Arms as well. There ended up being absolutely no need for the Escape Shock's i purchased Due to them being a totally different length. I had to make do and utilize some home made spacers to keep the rear shock from maxing out as with the vehicle wieght on the rear suspension it was only 1/2 inch from being maxed. I purchased a High Density Poly Ethylene Cutting board from walmart for the high cost of 11.00 dollars and cut out the spacers.

I would also add that I believe the rear end on the ST is closer to the Escape than a base model, as the Rear Shock was much closer in length to an ST rear shock than my SE. This is pure speculation as i don not own a ST.
After taking the car on some test drives and letting the suspension settle down some here are the measurements I have from ground to Wheel well before and after.
Front Stock Ride Height - 27.0 Inches
Front Escape Swap Ride Height - 29.5 Inches
Rear Stock Ride Height - 26.8 Inches
Rear Escape Spring Ride height - 30.25 Inches
As you can see the front is a little bit lower than the rear, I will likely be cutting the spring in the rear to even it out in the next week or two.

Initially the numbers were still in specification for camber although they were at Minimum. Caster was lower than Minimum by 0.5 Degrees and i had to make huge adjustments to the rear for camber and Toe.
After driving around for 10 or so miles and some spirited off road driving i brought it back in to the shop to dial in the alignment. I was able to get the Caster At the absolute Minimum by loosening the Lower Sub Frame (also Refered to as K Frame or Engine Cradle) Prying forward and re tightening the bolts.
I Decided to compromise Alignment Specifications to kind of closer to the Ford Escape Specifications for camber. I didn't get it dialed in perfectly however due to needing rear bushings for Front lower control arms and Inner tie rods have a tiny bit of play.

Before I made Adjustments to K-Frame I did have minor Scrubbing in front wheel well. I currently do not unless I hard accellerate at a very specific degree of turn. This should be fixed once i replace the worn rear bushings which is allowing some Play in lower control arms changing caster slightly under load,
The only problem for the rear I ran into I wasn't able to fix is that the wheel's now have more caster from being lifted so high. I was not able to find a way to get any adjustment for this like i did the front. I do not have any clearance issues in the rear but if you look closely you can tell rear wheels are more forward. I hope to mitigate this by cutting rear springs and lower rear some soon.
I do not believe I will see any tire wear although only time will tell. Ill be ordering the bushings and inner tie rods and trying to get it dialed in better once those parts arrive.

Ride Comfort
The Front Springs are just about perfect for my needs, stiffer than OEM yet still surpringly Plush. The rear is most definitely too stiff but it's not unbearable by any means. The Ride Comfort is close to Stock just much higher. I am Honestly impressed at how smooth the ride is still. The wife said she didn't feel any difference in how it rides from before.
The Stiffer springs overall help to mitigate Body roll during hard steering keeping the now Higher Center of Gravity feeling less noticeable than expected.

Total Investment for me was 500.00 for the Suspension components although I could have save 50 bucks not purchasing Rear Shock Absorbers. 1,200.00 for the Tires and rims (Sparco Terra ET 40, R16. General Grabber AT2 215/65 R16), I am extremely impressed with this upgrade so far.
I am Also experiencing a minor Shudder during acceleration. I will likely have to replace the CV Axles to fix this, as I believe its a side effect of the inner joint being worn at the stock angle.
I will post a follow up long term in a month or two as i Daily Drive my car. Unless of course I run into a major issue before than.

So far I have tripped getting in/Out of my car a total of three times not being used to this massive difference in ride height. Fuel Mileage has dipped a few MPG although that was to be expected. I believe i am still getting about 35-36 on highway at 70.



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