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Lexan fog light protection.. Paint?

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kinda as the title says... im putting Lexan cutouts infront of my new fogs to protect them from the road grime and rocks.

can lexan be painted?[dunno] i know it would have to be skuffed so the paint sticks... but then i am not sure if it would do more bad then good.

im going to find my camra, or steal a friends. and take sorts of pictures.. interior work i've done, fogs i put in, then the lexan that im doing now.

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If you want the fogs to be functional paint won't be an option.
Actually wait till later.

I painted my fogs with the satin color i did my car. I will give you an idea of what happens lol
Yellow ownt attract cops many stock vehicles have yellow fogs. BTW
As promised painted my fogs. Light output is i would say at night.........1 inch from the lamp.

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1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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