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LED hyperblinking!

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Ok, so not really a Focus problem, but still Ford and lighting.
My dad just bought a bunch of LED bulbs for his '08 F-150. He bought lights for the front turn signal bulbs. They look pretty awesome with running lights, and four ways, but they hyperblink with the turn signals.

I know I need resistors, but what kind? What ohm/wattage? Also, where do I put the resistor? Anywhere in between the bulb/plug, and the power source, right? There are two wires going into the plug..I'm assuming one is power, and one is ground, and the resistor would go in the power/red wire.
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resistor will go between the bulb and plug.

The resistor honestly should be able to go on power and be fine. As far as ohm's i dont know.

The amount of LEDs and size would determine that factor.
The lead would go in i did in on a led bulb in my old sedan. It's the only way to do it or start cutting stuff up which isnt fun.

I'm not sure. Thsoe aren't typical they look like a what 2 or 4 chip LED? And at 18 i don't know might look on goolge see how much the leds take or find out if 2 or 4 chip. Take that and find out the resistor from that info.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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