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So I just bought a 2002 Ford Focus SE the other day and theres two things wrong with it. One the passenger side mirror was clipped off by another car. Two, there is water leaking into the car somewhere on the passenger side. Mostly in the back seat floor area. Only the actual carpet is wet, not the seats or anything else.

I figured it was just coming in through the broken mirror area, so I temporarily taped and sealed the area with a plastic bag until I got the mirror replaced. Well I come out the next morning and it had rained, once again it was wet. Primarily in the back seat floor again, though the front was less moist than the first time. I checked the windows and door to make sure there shutting properly and all the seals are sealing.

Not sure what else to do? I'm very new to cars so I don't know alot, so any help would be appreciated!
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