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I would like everyone to know, that seeing as how only a handful of people are supporting various G2G ideas... it's damn near impossible to have one. Now I'd like to have one more G2G before I leave for basic trainning. As of right now the date for me to leave is May 19th. I believe I will be asked to leave sooner than that. I have posted numerous times about having a G2G. If you would like to participate in a G2G ... I am open to various locations, and dates... I will let everyone know when I am leaving ASAP. Possible locations are...

Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA (these are ideas not "we're having it here" )

Let's get a pool of ideas only post ideas... DO NOT POST "yeah I might come but... " or a " I have a friend who knows a friend who knows .... and we can maybe possibly have it ...." If you want to post an idea... ASK BEFORE YOU POST IT HERE. I'd love to see everyone post 1 or more ideas. Please let's stop talking about it and get solid ideas , dates, time... I'll make seperate threads for dates of availability.
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