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Knocks when wheel turn

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Back in April 2005, I had my 2000 Ford Focus in for service at the Ford Dealership to replace the Front springs due to hearing knocking noises when turning the wheel to the right. I was told by the dealership it was listed as covered under warranty so it was no cost to me.

Now just over a year later my car is doing the same thing. I have about 85k miles on it. Any idea on the cost of getting this fixed? I have a non ford service garage going to look at it next week and he mentioned to me it may be covered by ford because of a recall.

I went to ford site and plugged in my VIN number but it wasn't listed as a recall on my car.

Was wondering if anyone knows it would be covered under a recall again even though it may have already been done once and if i have to pay - how much do you think it will be.