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Hi, I have just purchased a 1.6 Zetec, 2001 reg.

The seller told me that the master key is missing, so they had a new one cut, it is not the master key, it has a light/mid blue tab.

The problem is it doesn't open/lock all the doors, but while I am driving I hear it click and they are open when I try them.

Is it because the key is not programmed properly?

Also, I desperately want a remote, but my local ford dealer quoted me £200 for a new master key, the car only cost £850 so I am a bit reluctant to pay that much for a key!
But it is so frustrating having to open/lock all doors manually, plus I have to check the doors when I get out as they unlock themselves while I am driving.

Can anyone give me some advice on the key not opening all the doors.

And, is there anyway I can get a remote key any cheaper than I was quoted by my local ford dealer?

Thank you :)

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Boot wiring problem caused my lid to open when it shouldn't, doors could possibly have a similar problem.

No idea what kind of key you were given, as pasta mentioned it has to at least be 'programmed" enough to run the car but may not be set up for working the push button functions. Our versions from that year had the remote functions on a separate key fob which was programmed separately. IIRC yours needs to be programmed for those functions separately as well.

The key may even be a "clone" of an existing one, battery powered with a limited lifespan as a temporary duplicate.
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