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Starting a group buy for Karztec Rear Spoiler extension for the Focus ST.

Hi guys, I'm please to bring to you guys KARZTEC,

They're a Carbon Fibre Company in China and since I have done a group buy before on spoiler and it was a success! I thought I'd try to bring Carbon Rear Spoiler Extensions over!

I have been Negotiating with Karztec on bringing their Focus Products over. Their list price is $633 USD on spread sheet for the rear spoiler Extension. It took me a lot of convincing and emailing back and fourth over a few months to get the pricing down to $389 USD Shipped within USA. We need 10 to make this happen!

Lets get these in for Christmas Stocking stuffer!

Happy Shopping!

1) Company / Seller Name: Karztec
2) Company / Seller Address : Xin Lian Management Distiet, Hu Men Town,Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, CHINA (They also have a USA Headquarter)
3) Company / Seller Phone & Email: [email protected]
4) Start Group Buy Date: November 26,2014
5) Ending Group Buy Date: When we reach 10 minimum order to get it at this price!
6) Minimum Member Participation : 10 pcs
7) Retail or Sale Price: $633USD
8) Group Buy Pricing: $389 USD SHIPPED within USA!!!

3.Enforcer (
8. FoSTed (
9.Grease Monkey (

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whats the status of this??? tax time is around the corner so itf it happens around then im in
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