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just my luck.........

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so i purchased my 02 SVT about 3 weeks ago, without knowing that it had a bum passenger front wheel bearing. so i went to my local ford dealer, and with my "employee discount", seeing as i work for a dealership, i managed to pick one up for about 50 bucks, including a new snap ring. i took an Hr off from work today to work on my car. so i pulled it onto the lift, got started, got everything apart, get the wheel bearing in and out in about 10 mins, got it all back together, everything was going sooo smoothly, and all of a sudden, "snap", uuhh ooohhh, i managed to over tighten the already slightly rusted lower ball joint bolt. [?|] $%*#, i thought to myself, what am i gunna do, i dont have a ride to a dealer, its to late to go to a parts store,...........i got it, ill just steal a bolt from the parts department. so i ran into the parts room, literally, grabbed a hand full of nuts and bolts, ran back to my car and started work again, oh man, i got 15 mins b4 i have to leave to pick up my lady from work, she'll kill me if Im late. gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, but no bolts fit........either to small, or just a tad bit to big........... oooooh boy, i thought, wait........hello MR. Bench Grinder. haha i said. i managed to grind the bolt down enough so it was just snug in the hole, popped a couple washers on both sides, and bamm, wheel bearing wine is gone, and she's still holding together. i have no idea to the grade of this bolt, so i HAVE to go to the ford dealer again tomorrow and buy a bolt.

man i got lucky.

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^^whoa has long has you know not to keep that bolt there. You had me worried I thought it was going to end with you saying how its holding and doing fine with no intentions of replacing it with the right part lol you had me going there for a second lol
^^hahaha I think we all do some more than others lol
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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