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Just installed new set of H.I.D.'s.....

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only it wasnt in a focus...

it was in my friends 2002 honda civic. he has black housing projector headlights in it and the halogens SUCKED. i mean you couldnt see crap! so i ordered him a set of Apexcone 8000k H1 H.I.D. headlights from revoloution performance motorsports ( for $99.95 shipped! these hid's are AWESOME! thats all i can say about them. they are lifetime gauranteed on all parts including bulbs! i will most deffinetly be ordering more stuff from these guys. i ordered them last wednesday night and they were on my fedex truck saturday morning. they came from texas to ga in 2 days and they shipped them as soon as they got there thursday morning. now on to the good part. the ballasts on these things are insane! they are smaller and thinner than my cellphone! they were absoloutly simple to insall. plug and play and your done! just insert the bulbs in the housings and plug the power into the power and ground to the ground and turn the lights on. i was ready for the worst being this kit was so cheap but im amazed at how wonderful it is. i HIGHLY reccommend buying these guys product. on to the pics...

as soon as i got them i pulled them out of the fedex box they were in and out came this nice looking very small thin box

then i removed all components and checked it all out. everything simply plugs in. it was so simple. you really cant screw these up.

then i noticed the ballasts, they seemed to be missing. until i realized these were the ballasts. they are the smallest thinnest ive ever seen. these are comparisons to my motorola ROKR cellphone. the cellphone measures just a hair over 4" long and 1&3/4" wide

and this is how thin they were. my cellphone measures 5/8 of an inch thick.

heres a pic of the halogens on the passenger side and the hid installed on the drivers side.

and heres both hid's installed.

and heres the best shot i could get of the cutoff. its pretty decent considering these lights were cheap ebay crap halogen projector lights that had absoloutly no adjustments. but hey thats what the guy wanted.

tell me what you guys thing and enjoy!
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You think I can fit these in the RS fog light holes? not a bad price, maybe i can wire these up to the fog light wires? (i don't really know how it works so I am asking)

and how do I know what kind of bulb I want?

Would this fit the RS bumper do you think? And would I have to get a housing for it?

Pretty much: what would I need to install these into fog lights... I can find out the size but other than knowing what bulb, is everything included or what?

Or would I be happier with these?
okay, i understand. So I would need to find a light to fit the bulbs into. As of right now my svt has fogs but im getting rid of them and replacing them with different ones.

where can I find lights or "housings" for these bulbs?
Gonzorelic: yes I have the RS bumper already and I'm trying to find a fog light that will fit in there and then if I/should I fit HID's with that bulb size into those fogs. Also, did you get the plug and play harness or the full relay? What's the full relay?

So I looked at Hella's site and their micro DE's use H3 size bulbs. So I could take out the halogen bulb and toss in the HID kit with the H3 bulb and everything would be snazzy?
Would it be worth the extra 100 bucks? Or is the 55W Halogen powerful enough?

Sorry if I'm being confusing, I am trying to be as clear as possible. And thanks for all your help guys!
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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