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I just had a LUK clutch kit pro installed on my '13 titanium with pretty high km (216K) But the car drove pretty mint/smooth, just had a throwout bearing with play that would rattle and make nises when the car was warmed up, and when the clutch disk was seen, ended up being changed at the perfect time, hadn't reached rivets yet, but was close.

I told the shop to also check if the tranny fluid had been changed recently (by previous owner) but it was black, so probably original, so they changed it with 75W90 Lucas synthetic gear oil.

When I got the car back, it is very rough to put the car into gear compared to before, and it clunks into gear. I noticed that with the car stopped, and clutch pedal pushed in, when I try to go into reverse, it is pretty hard to get it into gear, and you have to force it, and it clunks in.

Has anyone experienced this, and could it be the Lucas gear oil? I've had cars in the past, that were really finicky with certain gear oils (vs others) Any tips are appreciated.

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Could be air still in the clutch...Was it bleeded right? Other then that, very well could be the trans fluid.....
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