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Just curious...

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I've been searching around the forums for awhile tryin to research and come up with my own answer, but im still at a loss. I was just it possible to make around 200hp N/A in a 2000 zx3. [dunno] [dunno]
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yes the 2001 steeda focus zx3 does it, but it is expensive there parts are
steel crank,forged con/rods,forged high comp pistons, FR cyl head, crane st 3 cams, 65 mm tb,cam gears,4-2-1 header,2.25 catback,pectel engine management, 13to 1 compression 220 hp at the wheels
just go slow at the pace your wallet can afford i am close to that next is the cam gears and tune
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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