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Yes it is a sad day for TOM to leave the turbo for the focus. But it is a great reminder to all of us that are serious about what we build and drive. We learn from the best and then as we grow we learn more than we were taught from our teachers, that is the basicis and they are the best.
So a word to others that may really want to build a great car. Start from the bottom and work up to the top. If Tom will build the bottom, then you can build it from there. Power is like a drug (for lack of a better word) You get used to 10# and then 12# and then 18# and so on. But if you get it right from the bottom to the top. You can build and boost till.......Well you get the idea. In my humble opinion.........If he will build you a block then get it while he builds them. If not,,,then you may lose the chance to get some of the best(again in my opinion) some of the best built stuff in focus history. Cuz if you look at Carol Shelby it took some time.
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