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JRSC - What's missing from this kit?

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Besides the obvious (supercharger pulley, injectors, belt), what's missing from the 2 pictures below?

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Missing and unavailable from Moss:
Alternator bracket
PS relocation bracket
Two manifold/supercharger support brackets
IMRC delete piece
Manifold to head gasket
It also needs an idler pulley, but that is still available. An intake hose is needed, but that can be sourced from Aircraft Spruce.

If it is a base kit, the Powercard "tuner" is missing and unavailable. (A tune works better anyway.)
Injectors were not included in the base kit as the stock SVT ones were reused.

If it had the Big Boost Kit, then the special MAF sensor and 42lb injectors would be missing.

As shown it is only good as a replacement for a damaged supercharger/manifold or as an expensive paperweight.

The only way to make it functional would be to piece together the parts used or start fabricating.

The seller stating "everything is there to install except drive belt" is either lying, delusional or lazy and didn't feel like taking photos of the missing parts and fasteners.

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Well the seller was able to find the missing parts. Sold for $1300, I put in a higher bid in the last seconds but for some reason it said that my bid was less than the current bid. Not sure what happened....not happy
You should be happy, the seller's last comment was no alternator bracket. That is the most important one to have and the kit cannot be installed without it.
Not the simplest part to fab correctly or inexpensively. I am sure there will be some buyer's remorse once the winner starts the install.
Here is a shot of one I found online.

The seller added:
"3.6 (high boost) pulley are included in the kit. I also found the black box so you will not need a tuner just plug and play. You will need belt and 42lb injectors to install kit."
Using the BBK pulley and 42lb injectors with the "black Box" would cause it to run pig rich.
The BBK pulley with stock 30lb injectors and the "black box" would probably lean out at higher rpm.
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