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JRSC tune

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Well tom since i figured since i am constantly pestering you with questions i figured i would start a thread and that way it makes it easier for me to look back and find info.
Anyways so i took a look at the datalogging function on my xcal and it says that you need to do some sort of setup or somthing first. Is this something you send me and i download onto the xcal as well?
By the way the only thing i am yet to acquire is this stupid 9pin mini din thingie-mabober, have been scouring the city but i think i know a place now that should have em.
Anyways thanks for your help so far looking forward to getting this baby hooked up.
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ah.. and then i presume once the software is loaded and the flasher is connected you can setup the parameters for datalogging with the software and then its just a matter of selecting "acquire data"
sound right?
hey i have a header off an svt, where should i mount the wideband o2 sensor?
okay so i am waiting on getting the cable for datalogging, but while im waiting i wanted your opinion on an OD pulley. Should i basically forget about it unless i am going to run wmi for safety or is it worth the money for the extra few ponies. I am also a little worried about overspinning the blower.
but do you think it is worth my while, in your experience?
do you not want to do this? i am asking for your help as a customer.
and thanks orange because he didnt make me feel stupid enough........
anyway i guess i have some time until i get the cable so when you get a chance let me know if you do or dont want to do the work.
i know how you feel about the jrsc and you are entitled to your own opinion. i even agree with you to a point. but i asked you a simple question and i dont see why you decide to comment on something i didnt ask, when i was asking for your help.
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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