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JRSC SVT(BBK) kit build

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Hey guys, I just received a SVT supercharger kit. It seems to have come with everything but the maf sensor and tune and belt (as stated, don't worry). Was hoping that I could get some help on the part number and maybe anything that could help out.

-Belt? From what I've found I need to get a 105.5" for the BBK pully. Was hoping to find a motorcraft part # if possible.

-MAF?/tune. I know that the BBK comes with a MAF but from what i've read their tunes recalibrate for it. Now Since I'm front the additional cost of tunning apart from the kit, I'm not sure if I need it or what you guys are doing. I've seen some use the Diablo MAF add on.

As far as tuning. It would be nice to be able to get a simple reflash to start but i suspect at his point that might be harder. I suppose most use SCT, so I guess my question would be who's good at tuning these things.

Additional: PCV valve from the cobra?

Thanks in advance.
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Awesome thanks for the quick responses.

I have the svt Intake Still in the trunk. I was going to put that back on. I don't like the aem cai anyway.

I got some paint to get this car looking good again to get done. I probably won't install this till late winter so I can hit the road as soon as it's warm again

Thank guys
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