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My son is at college and asked me to take his car back to the mechanic who had replaced his clutch about six months ago. Candidly, this mechanic is horrible and we no longer use him, but it was under warranty. I just drove the car home from the mechanic.

I hadn't driven my son's 2002 LX for awhile. He's done a fair amount of work lately, including replacing the head, so I was anxious to see if I could feel any difference in the drive. I don't think it is clutch related, but the acceleration seems to be somewhat jerky; as if there were a clog in a line or filter. But it is very consistent, especially in first.

It seems that if I keep my foot on the clutch for an elongated period, then there isn't any/as much jerkiness in the car. But if I start out at all jerky in 1st gear, it repeats itself in 2nd gear, too. If I can keep it being rough in 1st, it appears to be smooth in 2nd, too.

I know I haven't given a lot of information, but does anything jump to mind?
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