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So my clutch has been getting progressively worse with slipping, I have been babying it so as to prolong its life, but I know this won't work forever. It's got 97,000 miles, and it's still the original clutch!

I drive a 2.3L Duratec, any recommendations to a clutch kit to buy? Also, I have heard you need to replace the flywheel when you replace the clutch, is that the case?

I would like a quality clutch, not one that will burn out short term. I definitely don't mind a major improvement from stock, I'm not going to spend a couple hundred on a clutch that's the exact same as what I have. I only need a daily driver, lots of highway, but almost just as much hard stop and go city driving. Sure I like to hot rod it every once in a while, but I am usually pretty good with my clutch.

Should I stick with a Stage 1? I have no idea what the pros and cons to the clutch stages are.

Thanks for all your input! I don't really have a price range, I'm open-minded as of now.. That may change when I start to see prices. :(
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